Chainsaw Bar Manufacturer in China

LITAGARDEN is a professional manufacturer of chainsaw bars that range from 10 pounds to an incredible 59 pounds for tree-trimming pole pruners. We manufactured for over 80 bar configurations to make your requirements for your chainsaws.

  • Provide precision ground groove
  • Available from 44 to 96 in length inches
  • Hardened rails for a long-lasting bar
  • Offer universal motor mounts


LITAGARDEN is a leading supplier of chainsaw bars which is great in milling operations. It can be used by a two-man team or even portable when working. Our chainsaw bar has squared and flame hardened rails that use for long-lasting operations.  Almost all of our chainsaw bars are available standard 0.63 gauge, .050, and 0.58 upon depends on your needs.

Our chainsaw bar has a long-lasting reputation for quality. We manufactured that every design and construction of our chainsaw bars are durable to provide the quality you wanted.

We offer different designs for you, message us now!

Chainsaw Bar Models

Hard Nose Chainsaw Guide Bar

We manufactured a hard nose chainsaw guide bar that offers different features including anti-slip, single-cylinder, folding handle, telescopic handle, and much more. We also offer different designs of hard nose chainsaw bars.

OEM Chain Saw Guide Bar

LITAGARDEN provides an OEM chainsaw guide bar that provides forced air cooling features. We manufacture chainsaw guide bars from the first series to the fourth series from high technology that is used to cut trees.

Chainsaw Harvester Bar

Our chainsaw harvester bar is made using 65 manganese and 150 steel materials. This chainsaw guide bar can be used in 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines from 30CC to 62CC. Our chainsaw is available at low price that fits your needs.

Big Chainsaw Steel Guide Bar

The big chainsaw steel guide bar offers accurate verticality just to ensure smooth transmission on the chain. It also provides different features including high-temperature resistance, low frictions, strong heat dissipation deformation-resistant, etc.

High Quality Chainsaw Guide Bar

We provide a high-quality chainsaw guide bar that has an oil hole to help for lubrication, teeth, wear marks, hard river, made from elastic steel, chain slot, and much more. Our high-quality guide bar will give you convenience when you are using it.

40 Inches Long Chainsaw Guide Bar

The 40 inches long chainsaw guide bar is made from alloy and is commonly used to cut big trees. It has a length of 30 inches and a weight of 3.5kg. It is available in different colors including white, black, blue, red, and much more.

LITAGARDEN Chainsaw Bar Advantages


We manufactured chainsaw guide bars that are durable. It is a design that is used to cut the toughest wood and can work for a long hour under harsh weather.


Our chainsaw bar offers versatile. We design a chainsaw bar that is commonly made from aluminum alloy to make them strong to fit a 12-inch to 60-inch blade.


LITAGARDEN always ensures the ability of our chainsaw guide bar from manufacturing to designing. It is flexible to use even in a 2-stroke engine or even 4 stroke engine.

Offers Thickness
Offers Thickness

As a manufacturer of the chainsaw guide bars, we design them in terms of thickness just to make them strong when cutting the big woods. It offers lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Why choose LITAGARDEN Chainsaw Bar

LITAGARDEN is the number source of chainsaw guide bar which strong powerful tool for cutting branches of trees. Considering that in manufacturing we ensure the quality and durability of our chainsaw bar. It commonly uses 2 stroke engines up to four-stroke engines.

We provide a chainsaw bar that is easy to use can cut the woods into pieces. The few thin we consider for our guide bar is it can be fit in different chainsaw, we provide different design, size, color, thickness, and quality of the guide and offers customization just to fit your requirements.

Our purpose is to give you the perfect product, especially in the chainsaw guide bar. Don’t hesitate to contact us now!

Why choose LITAGARDEN Chainsaw Bar
Benefits of Chainsaw Bar

Benefits of Chainsaw Bar

Our manufactured chainsaw bar can offer different benefits. It is extremely handy and much useful to cut trees. This chainsaw guide bar can cut through things such as bricks, metal piping, woods, and many more. Below are the following benefits:

  • A chainsaw guide bar use to cut very fast
  • Offers versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Can take up very little space
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Can cut a variety of materials
  • Can fit for different chainsaw

Space Savings Chainsaw Bar

Our chainsaw bar can lift even professional or non-professional users. It can easy to sit well in the back of the truck, in the garage, or vehicle trunk. We manufactured a chainsaw bar to help to maintain cleanliness and help for different emergencies.

We manufactured a chainsaw bar that helps to remove debris when needed. Using our chainsaw bar can help your chainsaw become strong when cutting trees but always consider your safety when using it. It is easy to store even in a small space.

To cut very fast our chainsaw bar can help your chainsaw cut in a short time. It is very efficient to use and cost-saving.

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Space Savings Chainsaw Bar

LITAGARDEN – Your Reliable Chainsaw Bar Manufacturer

LITAGARDEN – Your Reliable Chainsaw Bar Manufacturer
LITAGARDEN – Your Reliable Chainsaw Bar Manufacturer

LITAGARDEN manufactures universal chainsaw bars to fit different chainsaw models and designs. It features hardened rails to ensure that they can last longer. All our chainsaw bars are available in different gauge sizes upon your request. You can also purchase different lengths to meet your requirements. We designed chainsaw bars with precision ground grooves and squared rails to ensure high performance.

Our chainsaw bars are manufactured using highly automated and advanced CNC machines, die-casting machines, and more. All our guide bars are designed by our professional R&D team. We used superior raw materials for the production. Rest assured that our chainsaw bars are manufactured according to ISO, CE, CCC, FCC, and more international quality and safety standards.

For customized chainsaw bars, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Types of Chainsaw Bars

Chainsaw bars also known as guide bars are available in different types including:

Laminated Chainsaw Bar. These types of chainsaw bars are lightweight, more affordable, and suitable for non-professional users.

Solid Chainsaw Bar. These chainsaw bars are bend-resistance, durable, and strong.

You can find the broadest selection of chainsaw bars at LITAGARDEN. We can also customize based on your specifications.

Replacing Chainsaw Bar

Replacing the chainsaw bar can help in the maintenance of the chainsaw quality performance. The chainsaw bar should be replaced if:

  • It doesn’t hold the chain properly
  • It is bent out of shape

Here in LITAGARDEN, we manufacture chainsaw bars that are compatible with different chainsaw and chain sizes.

Custom Chainsaw Bar to Enhance Your Business

Carving Alloy Chainsaw Guide Bar

We manufactured a Curving alloy chainsaw guide bar that is commonly used for 2 stroke engines. It is anti-slip and has a forced-air cooling which makes it best for your applications.

30 Inches Chainsaw Guide Bar

LITAGARDEN is specialized in making 30 inches chainsaw guide bars that are commonly used for gardens. It is good to use 4 stroke engine chainsaw.

Changeable Head Guide Bar

Our changeable head guide bar offers replaceable sprocket noses and can fit different gauges. This guide bar is convenient and efficient to use in your chainsaw.

Your Trusted Chainsaw Bar Supplier in China
Your Trusted Chainsaw Bar Supplier in China

LITAGARDEN is a global leader when it comes to manufacturing high-quality chainsaw bars. We offer high performance chainsaw bar at an affordable price. LITAGARDEN also offers low minimum order quantity to support your starting business. We also customized chainsaw bars according to your requirements.

  • “LITAGARDEN is my trusted source of chainsaw bars for my business. The chainsaw bars are very high-quality and durable made from superior material. I am looking forward to working with you again soon.”

  • “Thank you, LITAGARDEN, and your team for the high-strength chainsaw bars. The quality is really good. It can be used for different chainsaw models. Plus, the services and the staff are really good too.”

  • “LITAGARDEN is a highly recommended chainsaw bar supplier. They let me choose a wide range of customized chainsaw bars. Their services especially the after-sales support are very helpful. Thank you for accommodating my requirements.”

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