Tea Harvester Machine Manufacturer in China

LITAGARDEN professionally customizes various tea harvester machines to suit every particular usage. You can harvest tea leaves with minimal damage using our quality harvester machines. We manufacture them according to your requests and necessities. Our expert team will provide satisfying ordering assistance. Keep on touching us now!

  • No extra operating cost required
  • Saves time and labor cost
  • Increases work to speed with fewer leaves damages
  • Available in various models & capacity

LITAGARDEN Tea Harvester Machine

The LITAGARDEN tea harvester is a technological advancement that offers growers lower production costs, better returns, and higher-quality output in the tea industry. Our tea harvester is a motor-driven tea leaf picker that is portable. Following a period of extensive research and cutting-edge innovation,tea-growing regions slowly embrace this type of equipment.

Several well-known farming industries prove that the tea harvester is a game-changing innovation in the tea industry. It is an innovation that will help tea farmers reduce the high costs of operations that they are now experiencing. The idea design uses the most up-to-date technology to pluck tea leaves swiftly and efficiently while maintaining high quality.

Any tea farm that uses a LITAGARDEN tea harvester will benefit from the increased efficiency and yields. Tea harvesting machines aid several wealthy countries, including the United States. Keep up with the times and do business with us by sending an email right now.

LITAGARDEN Tea Harvester Machine Models

EG4K Double Tea leaf harvester
  • Engine: 2 Strokes 
  • Cutting Wide: 1000mm/1140mm/1210mm           
  • Machine Net Weight:12.3KG/12.8KG/13.2GK
  • Power Rate/RPM:2.2Kw/8000rpm
  • Mixed Fuel Ratio 50:1



EG4K1 Double Tea leaf harvester
  • Engine: 2Strokes 
  • Cutting Wide: 1000mm/1140mm/1210mm            
  • Machine Net Weight:12.3KG/12.8KG/13.2GK
  • Power Rate/RPM:2.2Kw/8000rpm
  • Mixed Fuel Ratio 50:1



ET450 single hand Tea leaf harvester
  • Length of single blade: 380mm
  • Machine Net Weight: 1.3kg
  • Motor:brushless motor
  • Battery:Lithium battery (24v,12ah) 
  • Rated voltage:DC 24V                      
  • Charging time:5h
  • Running time:10h
  • Functions:Waterproof and sandproof, circuit protection, large tea collecting tray

Tea Harvester Machine Benefits


Using the machine for harvesting tea leaves reduces labor costs compared to manual harvesting methods. The owner of tea plantations can save the budget as his payment for labor would be based on the quantity instead of time or daily wage. It is a cost-effective option.


Having lightweight tea harvester machines improves work efficiency. It makes the operator feel comfortable when harvesting tea leaves. Unlike heavy machines, they have to spend more strength handling them during the operation, resulting in slow work speed.

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

LITAGARDEN manufactures harvester machines for tea leaves with complete components and manuals. They are designed with portability and easy-to-use advantages. Using their cutting blades supported with engine power, you can evenly harvest various tea leaves.

Easy Maintenance
Easy Maintenance

Regular cleaning of the harvester machines for tea leaves is essential to extend their lifespan and functions. It is also recommended to check the blade sharpness to achieve excellent harvesting results. Clearing up stocked leaves or other elements is advised for smooth operation.

Operation Processes

LITAGARDEN customizes different designs and sizes of tea harvester machines. The following are standard operation processes done by quality tea leaves harvester machines.

  • The power from the engine is transferred into the cutting blade and blowers.
  • The blades’ corresponding movements are placed over the other part.
  • Then, the blower moves the harvested leaves by blowing them into the bag.
  • When the bags are filled, they are replaced with a new ones.

Knowing the exact operation processes of leaves harvester machines will help you enhance your work efficiencies. Contact our team now for further information and inquiries!

Operation Processes
Standard Features

Standard Features

Multiple tea harvester machine types come with different features. LITAGARDEN assures suitable harvester machine characteristics, providing advantages when using them for business and farms. Consider the following typical features our offered machines possessed.

  • Made with sharper blades to achieve better tea qualities
  • Have a greater cutting force
  • Minimal vibration during the operation
  • Designed with anti-slip rubber handles
  • Safe to use
  • Longevity and durability
  • Convenient to handle and operate
  • They have a lighter weight for easy tea plucking.

Communicate with us if you want customized harvester machines for tea leaves. Your requests are our priority during production.

Tea Harvester Machine Options

LITAGARDEN provides numerous tea harvester machine options, depending on your preference. The following are the two types of harvester machines you can consider. We have:

  • Battery-Operated: It is manufactured to provide an excellent crop residue system. The battery-powered ones allow the operators to change different modes, including the spread or window modes. Checking their settings before making mode adjustments is advised to prevent grain damage.
  • Gasoline Powered: This harvester machine is perfect for harvesting small tea leaves, weeds, and grass in a garden. They are also applicable for large agricultural fields. The gas-powered tea harvester machines are more efficient compared to standard shocking saws.
Tea Harvester Machine Options

Why Choose LITAGARDEN Tea Harvester Machine

Factory A
Factory B

LITAGARDEN has been collaborating with everyone involved in the various tea sectors around the world for many years. Each international setting is distinct, and each customer’s need is particular. We always put the interests of our customers first and strive to supply them with high-quality tea harvesters and related services.

Through close collaboration with farmers, horticulturists, and packhouse workers, LITAGARDEN can translate the requirements of its customers. We turn them into a design and construction of comprehensive farming and processing equipment. The LITAGARDEN continues to invent portable tea harvesters in tandem with industry advancements.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require assistance selecting the most appropriate products that suit your requirements. Or if you wish to place an order.


Harvesting can be done by hand or with the assistance of a tea harvester machine. Using a LITAGARDEN tea harvester decreases the work required in harvesting while maintaining the tea leaves’ quality. The typical components include the following but are not limited to:

    • Quality Cutting System: Guarantees that the cutting is neat for a more extended application time
    • Jet Pump System: A strong air stream draws the tea leaf into the tea leaf container.
    • Container for Leaf Collection: It has a capacity of around 650kgs of green leaves available.
    • Running mechanism: Because of the design’s length and thickness, it provides exceptional stability. At the exact location, there is a 360-degree turn available.
    • Blade: completely horizontal blades. Plucking leaves are transferred to the container by air pressure and brush function.

Moreover, the tea harvester machine components include fans, engine, driving sheets, side cutter, and lights. LITAGARDEN supplies them with complete parts to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Mode of Action

The LITAGARDEN tea harvester can accommodate one person at a time and can cover around five hectares of land each day. The quality of the green leaves cut by our machines is on par with that of hand-plucked green leaves, if not better. 

The machine is small and lightweight, yet it can last for a long operation hour. Some of the device’s components feature aluminum alloy, while the device’s more considerable structure comprises round and square steel pipes of various sizes.

Our elastomeric crawler-driving mechanism prevents soil compaction by absorbing shock. The machine’s weight is distributed evenly across the ground surface, regardless of the terrain. Because the machine’s impact on the ground is less than half of the pressure exerted by human trampling, the tea plants suffer little or no damage as a result of its operation.

Everything indicated above contributes to the LITAGARDEN tea harvester’s simplicity, durability, and dependability, among other qualities. Additionally, this machine requires relatively little maintenance.

Custom Tea Harvester Machine for Your Business

Multi-Purpose Tea Herb Harvester Machine

The multi-purpose tea herb harvester machines have high efficient working features. They are designed with different core components, including the blades, motor, and battery. These leaf harvesters have customizable dimensions, depending on customers’ requests.

Gas Tea Harvester Single Machine

The gas tea harvester single machines have about 650mm blade lengths yet are customizable. This tea leaf harvester is applicable for only a single operator. Moreover, they have about 2800-3200 r/min maximum engine speed with cutting connections.

Two Strokes Tea Leaf Harvester Machine

Two-strokes tea leaf harvester machines have diaphragm type carburetor. They typically have a 1210mm blade length with about 1400*550*330mm machine dimensions. However, their specifications are open for customization to suit specific usages.

Tea Harvester Plucking Machine

The tea battery-powered harvester machines have motor and engine core components. They are applicable for various industries, like farms, home use, etc. These leaf harvesters are durable and easy to use. LITAGARDEN provides them with secured packaging and delivery. 

Two Person Tea Harvester Machine

The two-person tea harvester machines are controlled by two-person. These tea lead harvester machines are suitable for farms and manufacturing plants. They feature a flat blade type with about 1400mm cutting width capacity. Also, these machines are easy to carry and handle.

Tea Harvester Machine Supplier
Your Tea Harvester Machine Supplier in China

LITAGARDEN is your reliable tea harvester machine manufacturer and provider in China. We are utilizing imported advanced equipment and techniques to enhance the production capabilities. As your constant suppliers, we ensure the quality and functionality of our offered garden machines. Trust our services now!

  • “It is more efficient, requires less effort, and selects large quantities of tea in a short period. With the LITAGARDEN equipment, we can produce an average of 150-200 kg of tea every day. Their employees are also willing to accommodate our customized requests at a reasonable cost.”

  • “Because the LITAGARDEN tea harvester is very user-friendly, it can be operated by any farmer, regardless of technical ability. Thus, increasing our business sales. Thank you for providing such a high-quality product and service!”

  • “Compared to the labor-intensive process of selecting tea by hand, the tea harvester machine from LITAGARDEN will significantly reduce costs. The sales representatives have also been quite accommodating to my concerns about customization. I would strongly suggest this business!”

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