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Your Professional Garden Equipment Manufacturer

LITAGARDEN is an established professional garden tools manufacturer and supplier since 2004. We are a dedicated manufacturer that specializes in the production of leaf blowers, chainsaws, lawnmowers, grass trimmers, garden shears, pole saws, brush cutters, pole pruning tools, pole hedge trimmers, gasoline engine garden tools, mist dusters, and more.

Since our establishment, LITAGARDEN we are committed to providing our clients with excellent customer support, excellent services, highest-quality products, and innovative techniques. We have served thousands of customers from different countries including the United Kingdom, Korea, Germany, Japan, Holland, Belgium, France, America, and so on.

Through the help of advanced technology, LITAGARDEN is able to develop:

  • High-speed centrifugal pumps
  • Gas engines such as four-stroke and 2-stroke
  • Atomizers, and more

We are a leading manufacturer that produces easy to use garden tools. Our factory covers more than 25,000 square meters with over 500 skillful staff and members. LITAGARDEN has an expert R&D team to ensure that we develop innovative design, high-quality, tech-advanced, and premium garden equipment. We offer multiple designs, models, shapes, sizes, and more.

LITAGARDEN rapidly developed as a successful gardening tools manufacturing company through our hard work, satisfying services, and competitive prices. Thus, we are known as a fast-growing company in China. Rest assured that LITAGARDEN will provide you with the best quality products.

  • Injection molding
  • Gas-powered engine production line
  • Digital lathe control

Garden Equipment Production

Here in LITAGARDEN, we have advanced equipment to produce garden machines. We also have a talented R&D team for designing each garden tool. LITAGARDEN is an intelligence-oriented and information-based manufacturer to meet customers’ diverse requirements.

Among our production equipment are:

  • Die-casting machines
  • CNC machines
  • Digital lathe control
  • Injection molding
  • Gas-powered engine production line, and more

Constant Innovation and High Technology

LITAGARDEN continuously providing great efforts in improving our product quality and services. We always aim to produce reliable and highest quality products. Therefore, we are committed to making innovations using advanced and high technology.

Through high technology, we are able to produce an annual capacity of up to 600,000 sets of garden equipment. Our more than 30 models of different garden machines are manufactured with custom designs to meet your needs. We aim for more precision, flexibility, and power to exceed your diverse requirements.

  • lawnmower
  • mist blower
  • engine
  • Product test
  • mist blower test
  • product team
  • Quality Control and Certifications

Quality Control and Certifications

We manufacture a wide range of garden equipment such as landscape garden machines, plant protection machines, and small gasoline-powered machines. Each model of our garden equipment is certified by international quality standards such as CE, CCC, and ISO9001 certifications.

Aside from that, we also ensure that our machines are conformed to safety standards including CSA CUS, EMC, CE/GS, and more. LITAGARDEN has ISO-certified quality control management. Our factory is also equipped with advanced testing equipment and a center. We ensure that all our products are made from carefully-sourced materials and components.

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