Zero Turn Mowers Manufacturer in China

LITAGARDEN is the expert manufacturer that you can trust when it comes to zero-turn mowers productions. We supply a wide range selection of zero-turn mowers, with valued customers around the country. Plus, we offer customized support for zero-turn mowers at an affordable rate. 

  • Powerful engines
  • Adjustable height
  • High durability
  • Faster mowing times

LITAGARDEN Zero Turn Mowers

LITAGARDEN zero turn mower is a kind of garden equipment used to easily cut down and mow lawn grasses, especially around trees or flowerbeds. It is also applicable in eliminating any obstacles that appear on lawns, particularly the bushes. This is a full-powered mower that operates twice faster and can work on cutting down the closest trim edges and hard-to-reach areas. 

The zero-turn mower is designed with varying cruise controls, component attachment, and advanced models. This mower is easy to maneuver and with higher speed, allowing for easy, quick, and sharp turning. 

LITAGARGEN offers the highest-quality zero-turn mower at cost-effective pricing. It is constructed with user-friendly control for safe and flawless operation. We have rich expertise to produce out-of-this-world zero-turn mowers based on your design and requirements. 

Zero Turn Mowers

High-Quality Engine Ride On Tractor Zero Turn Lawn Mower

A high-quality engine ride-on tractor zero turn lawn mower, suitable for orchard, farm, green belt, lawn, protective dikes, and other weed breeding places. The cutter is made of high toughness and wear-resistant double-sided alloy steel, even the thick, hard, and dense weeds or shrubs can be cut easily.

Commercial Zero Turn Lawn Mower

The commercial zero-turn lawn mower is made for the biggest jobs, delivering a consistent, professional-quality cut in challenging conditions and over large areas of land. Every component of this commercial zero-turn lawn mower is designed by professional engineers.

Tractor Lawn Zero Turn Mower With Gasoline Engine

Tractor lawn zero-turn mower with gasoline engine has a multi-function performance. Apply to the lawn care and tedious work in the garden. LITAGARDEN offers zero-turn mowers with effective state-of-the-art blades to provide optimum performance and maximum efficiency.

Ride-On Zero Turn Mower

LITAGARDEN has advanced technology, high-tech equipment, and a great team. We can produce high-quality products with high efficiency and lower cost. Furthermore, we have a strong force in designing and developing new products continuously.

Riding Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Riding zero turn lawn mower is guaranteed to work perfectly in good condition. We aim for long-term cooperation and a high policy, unique quality professional service team, and factory resources that would always help you to figure things out easily and smoothly.

Zero Turn Tractor Lawn Mower

LITAGARDEN can give you the best zero-turn tractor lawn mower for your project. It has a powerful gas engine suitable for larger yard work. Save time with included deck wash for easier underside cleaning. Easy and long-lasting maneuvering around the yard.

LITAGARDEN Zero Turn Mowers Features


Zero-turn mowers have a solid steel chassis, durable, high specification overhead valve engine, with full pressure lubrication and oil filter. Choose LITAGARDEN zero turn mowers for years of reliability and performance.

Hydraulic Transmission
Hydraulic Transmission

Optimize the speed and comfort of your drive. Some zero-turn mowers have a single pedal that controls the car’s speed and direction, while others have a fender on the control lever that controls the speed and direction. But both are easy to use and have powerful engines.

Improved Maneuverability
Improved Maneuverability

The rear wheels are independently operated, allowing for accurate steering and a zero-turn radius. A great way to navigate around trees or follow the curves of flower beds. Twin steering levers are simple to operate and provide accurate mobility.

Mowing Expertise
Mowing Expertise

With heavy-duty pulleys, greaseable spindles, and dual ball bearings, innovative manufactured mower decks deliver commercial-style performance. With rear rollers and front gauge wheels, they add a lovely finishing touch for a smooth cut and excellent results.

Professional Level Performance

LITAGARDEN zero-turn mower is constructed that can withstand heavy-duty operations. It is equipped with a dynamic transmission that delivers notorious power, speed, and operation efficiency. Moreover, the zero-turn mower is designed to consist of high and sharp blade tips that allow more airflow and enables excellent quality cutting performance in merely minutes. 

To cut grass more evenly and with less hassle, a zero-tun mower is suitable to use. It attaches with durable wheels that give simple maneuvers. Whether you need a small or large machine, LITAGARDEN has the broadest selection of zero-turn mowers where you can choose.

Professional Level Performance
High-End Versatility

High-End Versatility

LITAGARDEN is expertise in innovating world-class zero-turn mowers. Furthermore, the zero-turn mower is made with the availability of more and more attachments. It is an average-looking lawnmower that can literally spin at 180 degrees faster and come straight back without fail. This is accessible in several unique models and each model has different hydraulic speed control. 

LITAGARDEN zero-turn mower is built for long-lasting use. It is highly applicable for wide-open spaces, fields, and yards. If you are looking for a high-powered zero-turn mower with matchless mechanical performance, LITAGARDEN is the right place you can visit.

Seek Out for Safety

LITAGARDEN ensures safety when it comes to all cutting machinery. In that case, a series of our zero-turn mowers are designed with operator safety in mind. It consists of a retractable seat belt, roll-over protective structure, flexible shield, and safety interlocks in ensuring the entire safety and protection of the operators. However, a zero-turn mower is indeed safe and effective if it is operated by someone with adequate experience. 

Being a leading manufacturer, we used industrial-grade metal and other materials for a zero-turn mower. All machines guarantee durability, stability, and reliability. 

Seek Out for Safety

Why Choose LITAGARDEN Zero Turn Mower

Why Choose LITAGARDEN Zero Turn Mower
Why Choose LITAGARDEN Zero Turn Mower

From its establishment until now, LITAGARDEN has still focused on R&D, design, production, and sales of best-quality garden machinery, specifically the zero-turn mower. All machines are built with excellent workmanship which is intended for long-lasting use. Each product is constructed by accompanying the CE, CSA, EMC, and ISO9001 certifications.

The zero-turn mower is perfect for gardeners and landscapers as it allows speeding up the cutting, trimming of grasses, and other lawn beautification work. LITAGARDEN is consisting of lots of professional mechanical engineers who are dedicated to innovating zero-turn mowers. 

At LITAGARDEN, we consider ourselves the most skilled manufacturer of zero-turn mowers and other garden machinery. Where in fact, we are only in this industry that embraces the most advanced zero-turn technology. From ergonomic design, production, and inspection, the zero-turn mower is made as fast as possible. 

Mower Features

The zero-turn mower is built for the convenience of all landscape-gardener in enhancing the beauty of lawns, gardens, and nurseries. However, LITAGARDEN designed a zero-turn mower that holds unique features and qualities, like:

  • Easy to drive and simple to maintain
  • Made with different attachments
  • High-quality metal materials and durable system parts
  • More comfortable
  • Faster and more economical
  • Very conservative 
  • Saves time and energy
  • Available in numerous models
Operation Advantages

LITAGARDEN constructed a zero-turn mower that is applicable for industrial, commercial, and residential gardens, lawns, and yards. Moreover, the following are the visible advantage of using a zero-turn mower:

  • Shorter mowing time
  • Less trimming
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Less weed-eating work
  • High cut quality
  • Has the ability to operate at higher speeds
  • Consumes fewer fuels
  • Better mulching

Custom Zero Turn Mowers to Skyrocket Your Business

Zero Turn Mower Electric Riding Mower

LITAGARDEN offers competitive prices for zero-turn mower electric riding mowers. They are proven high quality, stable supply, and successful products. LITAGARDEN sales are increasing every year which is dependent on our own products quality, new products’ development capabilities, reliable pre-sales, and after-sales service. 

Garden Machinery Ride On Zero Turn Mower

Garden machinery ride on and zero turn mower, driving type: double hydraulic driving, transmission type: soft belts, operating ways: double operation handles zero turn radius, cutting height: adjustable. LITAGARDEN is your expert and trusted manufacturer when it comes to zero-turn mowers and different types of mowers.


Battery Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower

Battery electric riding zero turns is an original authentic genuine brand with a warranty and return refund policy. Using battery electric riding zero turns operators will stay protected over long hours with top-of-the-line ergonomic and customizable comfort features like an automotive-inspired, fully adjustable, padded high-back seat, and a dial-in adjustable lap bar, and a wide foot pan.

Garden Tools Agricultural Zero Turn Lawn Mower

LITAGARDEN provides the best choice according to the customer’s needs. Garden Tools Agricultural Zero Turn Lawn Mower are easy to operate, the use of the unimpeded bridge, adjustable seats, steering wheel with ergonomic design, configuration, hydraulic gearbox.  Extremely durable and backed by an industry-leading warranty, this mower is built to stand up to the rigors of daily professional use.

Electric Mounted Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Electric mounted zero turn lawn mower has a comfortable ride with less vibration low to high back seats and soft-touch steering wheels. Attachments are available, to keep grass clippings under control with a rear bagger. LITAGARDEN has the best option for your application regarding the zero-turn mowers.

Expert Zero Turn Mowers Manufacturer in China
Expert Zero Turn Mowers Manufacturer in China

LITAGARDEN is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of zero-turn mowers in China. To produce zero-turn mowers and other mower equipment, we have a professional design institute and a highly skilled workforce. Our zero-turn mowers have all received ISO9001 certification, as well as a variety of other certifications. LITAGARDEN is always ready to assist you with your zero-turn mower application. Now is the time to send your inquiry.

  • “We appreciate LITAGARDEN’s services; we ordered zero turn mowers from them, and the quality is excellent; their components are comprehensive and function well together; quick turnaround; amazing quality. Thank you for approving our request, LITAGARDEN.”

  • “LITAGARDEN has finally delivered our requested zero-turn mowers; the quality is undeniably sturdy, and it is the ideal mower for huge properties that would otherwise take a long time to mow. Thank you, LITAGARDEN!”

  • “LITAGARDEN does an important task personalizing our zero-turn mowers; they are well-suited to our demands, resulting in straightforward installation and operation. Thanks to your professional services LITAGARDEN.”

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