What should you pay attention to when mowing the lawn with a lawn mower?

1、Adjust the lawn mower to the appropriate mowing height 

Cutting the lawn too low will have a negative impact on the lawn. Cutting the lawn too high will give people a messy and untidy look. At the same time, the young seedlings will wither, the tops will be bent, and the leaves will be rough, which will greatly reduce the density of the lawn.

In summer, in order to improve the lawn’s tolerance to heat and drought, the stubble height of cold-land lawns should be higher;When the weather gets colder, the stubble height of warm-land lawns should be increased appropriately during the early and late growth stages; If damage is caused by diseases, insect pests and human factors, the stubble height should also be increased.


2、The amount of lawn mowing should not be too large at one time

In practice, we can master the one-third principle, that is, the part cut off each time must be within one-third of the lawn height. If the lawn is too high, it should not be cut to the required standard height at one time. The correct approach is to cut less and more times, gradually reaching the required height.

3、Mow your lawn when it’s dry

4、Avoid pruning during midday heat

5、After mowing the lawn, the lawn should not be watered or exercised immediately, and pesticides or fertilizers should not be sprayed immediately.Watering should be done in time 1-2 hours after cutting. Do not cut when there is no water supply and the climate is dry and hot.

6、Lawn mower blades should be sharp.Blades should be sharpened and maintained regularly to ensure neat blade cuts. Otherwise, it will not only affect the appearance but also easily cause disease.

7、Remove debris from the lawn before mowing,Especially hard objects to avoid damaging the blade.

8、Excessive pruning is strictly prohibited during the rejuvenation period in early spring, the dormant period in midsummer, and one month before the leaves turn yellow in late autumn, and is generally not pruned.

9、Generally, lawns cannot be mowed after infectious diseases appear.


10、Avoid cutting the same lawn multiple times at the same time, at the same point, and in the same direction,To avoid growing in the same direction and causing texture phenomena.

11、Check the grass bag before using the lawn mower to ensure that the cut grass blades are removed in time,Especially the grass blades that are not easy to fall to the ground and adhere to the lawn after drying, otherwise it will not only affect the appearance but also easily breed bacteria.

12、When cutting, make sure the blade of the edge trimmer does not collide with hard objects,To prevent the machine from suddenly jumping up and causing an accident or damaging the blade.

13、After each lawn mowing, pay attention to cleaning the machineIt prevents both mechanical rust and pests and diseases.

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