What is the difference between lawn mowers (hand push, self-propelled, side-mounted)?

There are many types of lawn mowers, such as hand-pushed, self-propelled, and side-mounted. How to choose the lawn mower that suits you? Let’s take a look and choose the right machine to improve work efficiency.


Hand push lawn mower

A push lawn mower is a passive lawn mower that requires human power to mow the lawn. It is suitable for mowing small areas of grass such as small lawns and courtyards. Compared with other types of lawn mowers, push lawn mowers have the following characteristics:

  • Applicable to small areas: The push lawn mower is suitable for small areas of lawns and yards, and can be flexibly operated in small spaces.
  • Environmental protection and energy saving: The hand push lawn mower does not use fuel, which reduces environmental pollution; at the same time, it does not require electricity supply, which saves energy.
  • Low noise: The running noise of the push lawn mower is low and will not cause interference to the surrounding environment and people’slives.

Self-propelled lawn mower

A self-propelled lawn mower is an automated lawn mower that can walk independently and complete lawn mowing tasks. It is suitable for larger areas of grass and garden landscapes and has the following characteristics:

  • Autonomous walking: Self-propelled lawn mowers can walk on their own according to preset paths and areas without human operation.
  • Intelligent sensing: The self-propelled lawn mower has intelligent sensing technology, which can automatically adjust the traveling route according to the shape of the lawn and the location of obstacles.
  • Good mowing effect: Self-propelled lawn mowers use high-speed rotating blades to mow the grass, making the mowing effect more uniform and detailed. To sum up, side-mounted, push-type and self-propelled lawn mowers each have their own characteristics and are suitable for lawns of different sizes and uses. Depending on your specific needs and lawn area, choosing the right lawn mower can increase mowing efficiency and result in better mowing results.

Side-mounted lawn mower

The side-mounted lawn mower has a simple structure, is lightweight, and is maneuverable and flexible. There are three types: front suspension, side suspension and rear suspension. The side-mounted lawn mower is hung sideways on the body. It has good durability, is very light to start, and is very simple and convenient to operate. Side-mounted lawn mowers have the following features:

  • Easy to operate: Side-mounted lawn mowers are generally lightweight and easy to operate.
  • Compact body design: The side-mounted lawn mower has a compact body design, which is more suitable for places where the lawn mower operating area is relatively narrow.
  • Low Maintenance Cost: Side-mounted lawn mowers are low maintenance as their accessories are easy to replace and repair. However, the rotating blade part and chassis of a side-mounted lawn mower are light in weight and are prone to failure. They also vibrate and make a lot of noise, making them prone to fatigue when mowing for long periods of time.

There are obvious differences in structure and use between side-mounted lawn mowers, push lawn mowers and self-propelled lawn mowers. Side-mounted lawn mowers are suitable for complex terrains, small areas, and mainly flat land. They are more flexible to use, but they need to be carried on the body for mowing work, which is easy to fatigue and complicated to operate. Hand push lawn mowers are suitable for mowing small areas and are simple to operate but less efficient. Self-propelled lawn mowers have automatic driving and mowing functions and are suitable for medium-sized lawns and gardens. When choosing a lawn mower, you should base your selection on your specific needs and budget.

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