What is the difference between a mower flexible shaft and a straight rod and how do I choose?

Transmission principle

The transmission of lawn mowers is mainly divided into two types: flexible shaft and straight rod. Flexible shaft is a flexible transmission composed of several flexible shaft sections connected by rods, while straight rod is a transmission driven by rigid straight rods.


The advantages and disadvantages of comparison

Power Transmission Efficiency

Straight rod drive because it is a rigid drive, so the power transmission efficiency is high, can be faster and more stable power output to the blade, so it is suitable for lawn more gentle situation. The flexible shaft drive because of the flexibility, so the power transmission efficiency will be slightly lower, more suitable for lawn terrain is more complex, because the flexible shaft can be more flexible bending, can be better adapted to the undulating terrain, to prevent the pole joints are broken.


Due to the rigid construction of the straight shaft drive, once the mower blade collides with an obstacle, it will stop rotating immediately to avoid personal injury. The flexible shaft drive is slightly less safe because it is more flexible, and when it encounters a foreign object, the flexible shaft will bend or even break, and the blade will still rotate.

Maintenance cost

Straight rod drive due to the number of less, so the maintenance cost is relatively low. Flexible shaft drives, on the other hand, require maintenance for each shaft section due to their complex structure, so maintenance costs are relatively high.


Flexible shaft drives are more expensive than straight shaft drives. In general, the average price of a mower with a flexible shaft drive is more than 50% higher than that of a mower with a straight shaft drive.

How to choose

In general, the flexible shaft and straight mower have their applicable occasions, how to choose depends on the site you need to cut grass and personal preferences. If your lawn terrain is more gentle, and the maintenance cost of the lawn mower requirements, you can choose a straight mower; if your lawn terrain is more complex, the need for lawn mowers have a better adaptability, you can choose a flexible shaft lawn mower.

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