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LITAGARDEN specializes in manufacturing garden tools and machines, including a ride on lawnmowers. We provide them with suitable accessories and attachments, like mulchers, baggers, lawn sweepers, and aerators. As a professional provider, we consider your requests during production. Choose our services now!

  • Available in various sizes
  • Significant investment
  • Saves time and energy
  • Easy to control

LITAGARDEN Ride On Lawn Mower

The ride-on lawnmowers are garden machines controlled by operators who ride on the mower tops. It operates while blades are whirling in the cutting decks. They are available in different sizes, designs, and qualities to suit particular needs and budgets. These riding mower types are suitable for cutting around trees, flower beds, and below the furniture. The LITAGARDEN ride on lawn mowers typically lasts for about 10 to 15 years. However, they last longer with proper maintenance.

Moreover, the standard riding lawn mowers operate with about 500 to 1000 hours. This riding lawn mower with a front cutting deck is an excellent option when you have lesser lawn acres to cut. Utilizing these high-tech gardening tools indeed offers minimal effort and time. Also, they come with comfortable seats for operators and an extended range of attachments available. 

LITAGARDEN provides these riding lawn mowers according to your requests and necessities. We supply them with high-standard features and benefits. Choose our offered gardening tools to minimize cutting grass efficiencies. Please communicate with us now!

LITAGARDEN Ride On Lawn Mower Models

344cc Engine Ride On Lawn Mower

The 244cc engine ride on lawn mowers has mechanical or hydraulic transmission types. They have about 20mm to 90mm cutting height with seven positions. These lawn mowers come with large capacity collection bags. They also have a single handle with adjustable height.

Gasoline Ride On Lawn Mower

The gasoline ride on lawn mowers is perfect for garden lawn applications. They feature anti-slip and anti-stall properties. These lawnmowers have four strokes, grass boxes, steel chassis, and are self-propelled. The rotation of their gearboxes is more efficient with stable operation.

Ride-On Flail Lawn Mower

Ride-on-fail lawn mowers come with various features, including folding handles, telescopic handles, aluminum chassis, single-cylinder, cordless, high torque, and adjustable handles height. These lawnmowers are supported with petrol or a gasoline power source. Also, they have adopted flip gear box structure.

Ride-On 46 Inch Turn Lawn Mower

The ride-on 46-inch turn lawn mowers have customizable sizes and designs. Their blade length typically measures about 458mm, yet is customized according to requests. They are designed with about 0 to 15 kilometer per hour forward speed with 52 inches cutting width.

Ride-On Battery Power Mower

The ride-on battery power mowers have steel-made decks. They have about 0-2miles per hour reverse speed and 0-5 miles per hour forward speed. These lawnmowers are designed with a 170L grass catcher capacity. However, their specifications are customizable.

Ride-On Lawn Mower for Farms

Ride-on lawn mowers for farming are more robust and have high strength. They have two-cylinder overhead valves for gasoline engines. These riding lawn mowers have inner expansion brakes. The lawn mowers for farming have adjustable speed with customizable cutting dimensions.

Ride On Lawn Mower Advantages

Saves Time
Saves Time

Using ride on lawn mowers is more speedy than standing behind ones. It is the preferred lawnmower even for larger garden areas. Riding on them saves mowing hours. You can spend your extra time cleaning other areas of your garden. We provide you with suitable designs.

Less Hard Work
Less Hard Work

Cutting grass would be easier using the ride-on lawnmowers. It is an excellent technique for cleaning the garden and minimizes monotonous tasks. Utilizing the riding lawn mower designs makes the work uncomplicated in self-propelled operation.

Easy to Drive
Easy to Drive

Riding on lawn mowers is easy to operate and drive. They have convenient seats and components, making the operator control comfortably. These riding lawn mowers are an excellent choice for mowing large yards. You can trim grasses without heavy machines required.


LITAGARDEN designs ride on lawn mowers with lightweight features and advantages over pushing mowers. They are manufactured with a compact design, making them easy to move. These riding mowers typically have smaller engines that prevent lugging.

Ride-On Lawn Mower Features

LITAGARDEN customizes ride-on lawnmowers with standard features. The following defines some of them.

  • Twin Blades: Riding on lawnmowers with twin blades provides smoother finishes than a single blade. 
  • Mulching Function: Mulching is a part of a mower that cuts the grass into small pieces. After cutting, it blows back the lawn for rotting down. The mulching functions prevent you from dealing with clip disposal and grass boxes.
  • Zero-Turn Mowers: This ride-on mower feature is ideal for gardens with complicated settings or trees. It helps achieve easy cutting operations and smooth garden corners.

The above characteristics are some of the excellent qualities should the ride lawn mowers have. LITAGARDEN assists in choosing the most suitable designs and sizes for your garden.

Ride-On Lawn Mower Features
Mower Transmissions

Mower Transmissions

There are several types of riding lawn mower transmissions available, which include the following:

  • Manual transmission: Manual transmission has various speed selections that shift you up and down while operating. This transmission also uses a clutch.
  • Automatic transmission: controlling the speed by gas pedals. It enables you to change speed quickly. This transmission type is ideal for work that requires frequent slowing down around obstacles.
  • Hydrostatic transmission: is also similar to automatic transmission performance. It transfers the power to wheels from the engine using fluids. This transmission type gives smoother rides and requires minimal maintenance.

Buying Consideration

Choosing and buying suitable riding lawn mowers need some guidance. LITAGARDEN provides assistance and tips when purchasing multiple ride-on mowers for your business and projects.

  • Negotiate the get an excellent deal, especially when you purchase them in cash.
  • Search for a reliable dealer who offers knowledgeable advice and quick problem solutions.
  • Always examine how easy to maintain and clean the underneath machine decks.
  • It is also essential to check if the offer mowers have clutch control for easy reversing. 
  • Keep preferring the ride on lawn mowers with hitch and lawn attachments.
Mower Buying Tips

Why Choose LITAGARDEN Ride On Lawn Mower

Custom Factory 1
Custom Factory 2

LITAGARDEN has been manufacturing and customizing various garden machines for a long time. We keep supplying different countries worldwide, including Belgium, America, Germany, France, etc. Our company owns and uses advanced technologies and testing instruments to achieve excellent production ability. Furthermore, LITAGARDEN always adheres to ISO 9001 standards.

Our company always satisfies our customers with our ride on lawn mower qualities and functions. With our friendly staff, you will be provided with fulfilling assistance from inquiries to delivering your requests safely. We can be your reliable business partners related to garden machinery. Negotiate and talk with us by dropping a message right here.

Let’s talk about your business improvements and success!


Proper maintenance and repairing the riding on mowers are essential to extend their lifespan. Below are some maintenance tips to achieve functional ride-on mowers.

  • Schedule: Setting schedules for maintaining mowers are crucial. You can also check the manuals or supports service to know the better maintenance time.
  • Cleaning details: You can clean the stocked leaves, debris, or dirt in some mower areas using compressed air or a leaf blower. Do this before and every after using the ride-on mower.
  • Checking blades: It is also crucial to check the blade’s sharpness to fulfill the outstanding mowing results. You can sharpen them carefully, wearing eye protection and rigid gloves.
  • Changing oil and fuels: Not changing old oil and fuel may cause clogs in a gasoline can. It is recommended to replace them with the new one to prevent clogging issues.
  • Filter changing: Cleaning air and fuel filters to avoid operational complications and issues. 
  • Checking tires: You cannot ride on riding mowers with flat tires. You must check first their optimal level so you can drive them smoothly. 
Ride-On Lawn Mower Usage

Various riding lawn mowers with different designs and sizes come with multiple usage procedures. But the following are some basic instructions on how to operate and correctly mow your lawn.

  • Push the brakes
  • Pull out the choke
  • Turn on the key to start the riding lawn mower
  • Starting the mowing work, set it into low gear and guide the mower toward the lawn.
  • Take part in the mowing blades
  • Drive the riding mower across the lawn
  • When turning your mower, move it back and forth to overlap the lines.
  • For mowing corner areas, drive and mow closer to the corners and curve it with a 90-degree angle.

LITAGARDEN accurately customizes your desired ride-on lawnmowers. We also provide manuals for proper usage and maintenance of specific lawnmower designs you prefer. Contact us now, right here!

Custom Ride On Lawn Mower for Your Business

Petrol Ride On Lawn Mower

The petrol ride-on lawnmower has about 16 inches of rear wheels cutting width. It is available in various sizes and styles, depending on area applications. The lawnmower features anti-slips, high torque, and durable grass box properties. Their power comes from petrol or gasoline.

Ride On Brushless Lawn Mower

Ride on brushless lawnmowers have about 25mm to 80mm cutting height. They are available in black and red colors. These lawnmowers feature automatic transmission. You can operate them forward at about 60 meters per minute. However, their specifications are customizable.

Ride On Mower with Rear Grass Catcher

The gasoline engine supports the ride-on mower with a rear grass catcher. They have adjustable forward speed with quality finishing. The mower has about 35mm to 85mm cutting height in five positions yet are adjustable. These mowers are ideal for park lawns, campus, family gardens, etc.

Commercial Ride On Mower

Commercial ride-on mowers are designed without cords, mulch, height adjustable handles, and steel chassis. They are suitable for immense grass cutting. These mowers have a soft clutch and functional brakes. Ride-on mower comes with seat belts, cup holders, roll bars, and an armrest.

Ride On Four Wheel Lawn Mower

The ride on four-wheel lawn mowers features high-strength cutting tables. They have reverse gearboxes that are designed with more efficient and easy to clean structures. These mowers have a longer lifespan and advanced capacity.

Ride On Lawn Mower Supplier
One-Stop Ride On Lawn Mower Supplier in China

LITAGARDEN is your one-stop supplier of high-quality ride-on lawnmowers and other related products. We expertly supply our customers globally with satisfying assistance and services. As a certified company, we utilized advanced equipment with skillful workers producing various garden machinery. Trust us now!

  • “LITAGARDEN satisfies us with the qualities, cost, and functions of their offered lawnmowers. From now on, they will be our company’s constant manufacturer.”

  • “You will never regret trusting LITAGARDEN services and assistance. Our requested ride-on lawnmowers are well customized. Plus, we received them with secured packaging and complete components. Thank you, LITAGARDEN!”

  • “I appreciate how the LITAGARDEN service team guides us from choosing the suitable one to ensuring the delivery operations. We received them without any damages and customized according to our necessity.”

What are the main components of a riding lawn mower?
  1. Shields and storage compartments
  2. Racks and buffers
  3. Front axle, wheel and steering
  4. lawn mower
  5. Engine, gearbox
  6. Folding rack
  7. Driver Position
What are the main things to look out for before starting a riding lawn mower?
  1. Check the oil: The machine must be level before checking the oil level. The filler opening cover is located on the hood at the rear of the machine. Unscrew the dipstick, wipe dry, reinsert it, screw it in, and unscrew it to read the oil level.
  2. Check the battery: Check the battery level according to the battery’s instruction manual.
  3. Fill the fuel tank with fuel: For safety reasons, riding lawn mowers are not shipped with fuel. Fill the fuel tank before starting the machine for the first time. The fuel tank is located at the rear of the machine.
  4. Check the tire pressure
  5. Check the oil level in the hydraulic circuit
  6. Conduct a leak test in the hydraulic circuit: visually check the hydraulic circuit for oil leakage, i.e. the location of the transmission connection.
What do I need to be aware of when working on slopes?
  1. Be careful when driving on slopes.
  2. Always use a lower travel speed, adjust the travel speed by moving the travel direction stick.
  3. Can only travel perpendicular to the contour lines, i.e. up and down. Travel in the direction of the contour line is permitted only when the machine is turning, but with extreme caution.
  4. Make sure that the wheels do not go over obstacles with height when turning.
  5. Drive slowly when going downhill or over obstacles. Take extra care when turning on or near a hill.
  6. When stopping on a slope, remember to use the parking brake.
What should I do if the riding lawn mower cuts uneven grass?
  1. Remove grass that has accumulated under the mowing deck.
  2. Make sure the blade is sharp and not deformed or damaged.
  3. Check that the blade is properly secured.
  4. Check the vane shaft and shaft seating position. Replace them if they are damaged or excessively worn.
When mowing the grass, what is the reason for the mowed grass to remain intact?
  1. Check the bearing housing for damage. Repair or replace on a case-by-case basis. When the grass is mowed too thick or the surface of the grass is too slippery, the grass in the area may not be mowed. Travel speed should be adjusted to respect mowing conditions by moving to the appropriate gear. The engine should not be running with the throttle valve wide open.
  2. Check that the blade is sharp and not damaged. Replace the blade if necessary.
  3. Check the tension and condition of the V-belt mowing drive.
What should I do if the drive belt of the mowing platform stops during operation?
  1. The mowing deck drive belt can be damaged when it jumps off the pulley while the machine is running. If it jumps out even after rechecking by following the steps below, it is necessary to replace the belt.
  2. Check the tension of the belt. Adjust the tension if necessary.
  3. Check the belt pulley.
  4. Check the set trim height and adjust if necessary.
  5. Check if there is any foreign object blocking the movement of the belt. If so, remove the foreign body.
  6. Check on the inner surface of the pulley on the engine. If it is rough or cracked, it is necessary to replace the pulley.
  7. Change the travel speed.
  8. Lift the mowing deck to a higher position.
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