Custom Lawn Tractor Manufacturer in China

LITAGARDEN offers a wide range of lawn tractors that are widely used for efficient yard maintenance. We offer lawn tractors that can provide high performance.

  • Perfect for different lawn terrain and size
  • Energy efficient
  • Wide variety of models and designs
  • Customizable based on your requirements


As a professional manufacturer, we ensure to provide a wide option of lawn tractor models and designs to suit your requirements or applications. Our lawn tractors can cut acres of lawns or tiny patches of grass. You can purchase our battery-powered, gas-powered, walk-behind tractors, and more options.

Here in LITAGARDEN, we test every lawn tractor to ensure that it can provide high performance for bagging, side-discharging, and mulching. Each lawn tractor is also tested to ensure its maneuverability and ease of use. If you want a customized lawn tractor for your business, LITAGARDEN can provide your needs.

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Lawn Tractor Models

30-Inch Riding Lawn Tractor With BS Engine

We offer a 30-inch riding lawn tractor with a BS engine for high performance. It features a 344cc engine, comfortability, unrestricted view, and easy access.

60-Inch Ride on Zero Turn Lawn Tractor

LITAGARDEN manufactures a 60-inch ride-on zero-turn lawn tractor with 125cc, 98cc, or 170cc engines. It features a 2-stroke and folding handle.

Ride-On Garden Lawn Tractor

All our ride-on garden lawn tractors are manufactured with hydrostatic transmission. It features a double blade, consecutive variable speed, and high-quality tires.

60-Inch Petrol Ride-On Zero-Turn Tractor

The petrol ride-on zero-turn tractor offers a 60-inch cutting width and 520mm blade length. These series of lawn tractors are available for customization.

4WD Lawn Mower Tractor


We provide a 4WD lawn mower tractor mulching and side discharge cutting system. It can offer 13 to 76mm cutting height adjustment.

Riding Tractor Smart Gas Lawn Mower

Our riding lawn mower tractors have petrol or gasoline power source. It has more than 4 inches maximum cutting height with 4-stroke features.

Why Choose LITAGARDEN Lawn Tractor

Premium Comfort
Premium Comfort

Compared to traditional mowers, our lawn tractor can provide premium comfort to the user because of its automotive-inspired suspension system that can deliver up to 25% less impact.

Dependable Power
Dependable Power

LITAGARDEN lawn tractor is integrated with high-efficiency engines. These are also composed of reliable starting and durable components. Thus, it can provide high power for excellent performance.

Convenient to Use
Convenient to Use

We manufacture lawn tractors that are easy to use with features such as push-button start, power steering, electric height-of-cut, and more. This makes lawn grass cutting convenient.

Lawn Contours
Lawn Contours

Lawn tractors manufactured by LITAGARDEN can follow different lawn contours because of their mowing deck feature. Thus, reducing the scalping risk while providing ballpark-like stripes.

Different Types of Lawn Tractors

At LITAGARDEN, you can find the broadest selection of lawn tractors such as the following:

  • Rear-Engine Riders. These types of lawn tractors are manufactured with a compact structure to lessen storage space.
  • Walking Tractor
  • Utility Tractor
  • Mini Sized Tractor
  • Large Sized Tractor
  • Four-Wheel Lawn Tractor
Different Types of Lawn Tractors
Choosing the Right Lawn Tractor

Choosing the Right Lawn Tractor

To choose the right lawn tractor, you must consider different factors. LITAGARDEN lists some factors that you might consider.

  • Terrain. Every lawn tractor suits different lawn types. LITAGARDEN manufactures lawn tractors that are suitable for uneven and rugged lawn terrain.
  • Comfort. Lawn tractors should provide back support for extra comfort to the users. Here in LITAGARDEN, we manufacture lawn tractors with vibration reduction.
  • Engine. Choose a lawn tractor with a high power source. It can be cordless or gas-powered.

Aside from that, you might also consider its maintenance, noise, attachments, cutting deck size, costs, and more.

Lawn Tractor Attachments and Accessories

Here in LITAGARDEN, we manufacture high-quality lawn tractors with complete accessories. Among our attachments and accessories available are:

  • Double bagger
  • Cub cadet hauler
  • Mulching kit
  • Lights
  • Mulch control
  • Carts
  • Brush guards
  • Carts, and more

You can also request a specific accessory for your lawn tractor!

Lawn Tractor Attachments and Accessories

LITAGARDEN – Your Trusted Lawn Tractor Manufacturer

LITAGARDEN – Your Trusted Lawn Tractor Manufacturer
LITAGARDEN – Your Trusted Lawn Tractor Manufacturer

LITAGARDEN is a professional manufacturer of lawn tractors for more than a decade. We offer a wide range of lawn tractors such as walking tractors, utility tractors, four-wheel tractors, large-sized tractors, mini-sized tractors, and more. Each lawn tractor is tested and inspected after production to ensure high quality.

We manufacture lawn tractors with high-performance cutting power. It features zero turn radius to ensure accurate turns on rocks, corners, trees, and more. These lawn tractors can be used in small to large lawn sizes with comfort and easy and quick grass cutting. If you need customized design lawn tractors, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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LITAGARDEN lawn mowers have the following features:

  • Durable construction
  • Adjustable seat
  • Generous run time
  • Easy to store
  • Automatic transmission
  • Tight turning radius
  • Padded chair
  • Good traction, and more

With LITAGARDEN lawn tractors, you can have the following advantages:

  • Easy to maneuver around any obstacles
  • Offers 42 to 50 inches of swatching mowing
  • High top speed for easy and quick mowing
  • Can perform side-discharge clippings, mulching, and bagging
  • Easy blade engaging
  • Cutting height can be adjusted
  • Easy to store and maintain
  • Suitable for cutting thick and long grass or weeds

Custom Lawn Tractors to Build Up Your Business

52CC Lawn Mower Tractor With Wheels

Our 52CC Lawn Mower Tractor With Wheels is cordless. It comes with full accessories such as a manual book, USB charge, main cup, and more. These lawn mower tractors are available in 2-stroke power types.

XT2 Enduro Series Lawn Tractor

LITAGARDEN XT2 Enduro Series Lawn Tractors are available up to 170CC engine displacement. It is also available in different power capacities up to 1800W. These cordless lawn tractors are available in OEM or ODM designs.

Gas Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor

We can manufacture Gas Hydrostatic Lawn Tractors that feature dependable and long life. It is integrated with a full lubrication V-twin engine. These lawn tractors are designed with full-length welded steel to ensure reliability.

Walking Tractors Mini 4x4

Our Walking Tractors Mini 4×4 are manufactured with high efficiency, fuel-saving, low noise, and 3 groups of hydraulic valves. It also comes in optional accessories such as a cabin, canopy, roll bar, and more.

LITAGARDEN is Your One-Stop Lawn Tractor Solution
LITAGARDEN is Your One-Stop Lawn Tractor Solution

LITAGARDEN is a professional lawn tractor manufacturer that offers high-quality and high performance. We manufacture all our lawn tractors through die-casting machines, advanced CNC machines, and a digital control lathes. These lawn tractors are certified by CE, FCC, ISO, and more international standards. We offer energy-saving and environmentally-friendly lawn tractors.

  • “I am sourcing lawn tractors from LITAGARDEN for many years now. They always provide consistent quality products at an affordable price.”

  • “I always choose LITAGARDEN as my supplier of garden equipment such as lawn tractors. Their lawn tractors offer high efficiency and durability.”

  • “My business deals with garden machines. Gladly, I found LITAGARDEN as my supplier. Their lawn tractors are manufactured with wide options of accessories, engines, designs, and more.”

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