Lawn Mower Parts Manufacturer in China

LITAGARDEN provides high-quality lawn mower parts, such as oil filters, spark plugs, air filters, blades, belts, and more.

  • 600,000 set annual production capacity
  • CSA CUS, ISO, EMC, CE, GS certifications
  • Can be customized to your requirements
  • Affordable prices and durable

LITAGARDEN Lawn Mower Parts

The top-conditioned lawn mower can keep your yard pristine and trimmed. That’s why it is important to have top-grade parts and accessories. At LITAGARDEN, we have a wide selection of lawn mower parts and components such as deck belts as well as accessories like tractor bumpers.

The damaged lawn mower blades can cause vibration and uneven strips work in your mowed yard. If you’re looking for high-quality lawn mower parts such as blades, LITAGARDEN will assist your needs. We carry a huge range of blades for lawn mowers to ensure every mower is cut as it should. Not just blades, but we also provide lawn mower tires and lifts to maintain tackling tasks.

LITAGARDEN is your one-stop lawn mower parts supplier in China you can trust. Contact us now for inquiry!

Lawn Mower Parts for Agricultural Knife Section

These parts are available in different thicknesses as per the customer’s requirements. Available in milling or pressing teeth. Different surface treatments can be spray paint, galvanized, and powder painting.

Lawn Mower Gear Head Spare Parts

The lawnmower parts gear head can guarantee high-quality and long life. It is made from durable raw materials such as aluminum, steel, and more. These parts can guarantee quality inspection.

Lawn Mower Parts Bracket

These brackets are suitable for lawnmowers and other agricultural machinery. They are made from sturdy materials like stainless steel to guarantee high performance in every single work.

Lawn Mower Replacement Parts

Best replacement parts for Honda engine, Robin engine, Yanmar engine, Yamaha engine, and many more. They are fit for any brand of lawnmowers.

Lawn Mower Blade

The lawnmower blade can guarantee wear-resistant alloy on the cutting edge. They are widely used in any lawn mower brand and have stable quality.

Knife Bar Assy

The knife bar Assy is manufactured from steel (knife head), T9, or 65Mn materials. They are available in different colors like black, green, or customized.

Why LITAGARDEN Lawn Mower Parts


All the lawn mower parts at LITAGARDEN are certified by international certifications like CE, SGS, ISO9001, CCC, and many more.

Advanced Equipment
Advanced Equipment

We are equipped with advanced manufacturing tools like die casting machines, digital control lathes, a CNC processing centers, etc.


We produce lawn mower parts from enduring raw materials. Accessible at low prices without compromising the quality.

Highly Customizable
Highly Customizable

We can customize your lawn mower parts needs according to your specific requirements, such as the materials, sizes, packaging, etc.

High Quality Parts

Proper maintenance and repair of the lawnmower are essential to increase efficiency, prevent repair costs, reduce emissions, and extend the life of the lawnmower. LITAGARDEN provides all the parts that are suitable for every lawnmower.

We can have a spark plug and a fuel cap that fits into the engine and fuel tank of the mower respectively. You can ensure that all of our lawn mower parts are fit for any lawnmower model. Contact us for small or large orders!

High Quality Parts


LITAGARDEN owns advanced manufacturing equipment such as CNC processing centers, die casting machines, digital control lathes, etc. These capabilities allow us to produce over 600,000 sets of lawn mower parts every year.

Strict quality testing and inspection are guaranteed at LITAGARDEN to ensure high-quality lawn mower parts in accordance with GS, CE, EMC, ISO9001, CSA, and many more. We are an expert garden equipment manufacturer in China, delivering you reliable lawn mower parts at a very competitive price.

Our Advantage

Custom Fits: LITAGARDEN lawn mower parts are uniquely fabricated for every individual machine. As a result, replacing the parts can reduce the time spent on adjustments. It also provides excellent performance of the mower.

High-Quality Materials: We use high-quality materials for optimal performance of both the machines and parts. It could maintain the maximum resale value and a longer life span.

Continuous Development: Our team works hard to improve and develop our parts for clients’ satisfaction. We can guarantee constant, high testing manufacturing quality.

Our Advantage

Choose LITAGARDEN for Your Lawn Mower Parts

Choose LITAGARDEN for Your Lawn Mower Parts

If your business needs all the parts for lawn equipment, you can find it all at LITAGARDEN. We are a leading garden equipment manufacturer in China providing the best lawn mower parts. It includes lawn mower filters, blades, oil filters, spark plugs, belts, filters, and many more.

LITAGARDEN lawn mower has the power to take care of every yard efficiently and easily. We can make it easier to keep mower performance in the good condition with our quality lawn mower parts for different lawn mower brands.

LITAGARDEN lawn mower parts are helpful to maintain power equipment long-term. Find a suitable lawn mower part only at LITAGARDEN.

Our Services

LITAGARDEN is capable of providing different parts of garden machinery in all areas, from handheld garden machinery, and ride-on lawn tractors, to pedestrian lawnmowers. Our lawn mower parts fit any major brands like ISEKI, Honda, KUBOTA, EFCO, John Deere, and many more. All of our lawn mower parts are always available for shipping, supported by our excellent customer service team. Our professional and friendly team is always ready to assist your needs.

Custom Lawn Mower Parts

LITAGARDEN is a professional lawn mower parts manufacturer in China with over ten years of experience. Being a leader in this industry, we can support customized services. Depending on your lawn mower parts needs, we can supply you with custom oil filters, spark plugs, air filters, blades, belts, and many more. All of these can be customized according to your special requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact our team to help you develop your design.

Lawn Mower Parts

3-in-1 Blade

The 3-in-1 blade lawn mower parts are suitable for mulching, discharging, or collection of grass clippings. Suitable for use with LITAGARDEN lawn mower to provide the best and safety cutting results.

High Lift Blade

The high lift blade lawn mower parts are designed for an excellent ejection by either collection or discharge. It can work well in wet or tall grass.

Mulch Blade

The mulch blades are designed to cut the grass into fine clipping cuts. They work as natural fertilizers and allow the lawn to become more drought resistant.

Lawn Mower Screw

The lawnmower screw is suitable for all types of LITAGARDEN lawnmower. Manufactured from high-end raw material with metal and plastic which are long life and durable.

Lawn Mower Wheel

These wheels are designed for numerous purposes such as walk-behind, spreaders, sweepers, aerators, edgers, and many more. The lawnmower wheels are used to reduce grass growing damage to lawns.

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LITAGARDEN – Your Lawn Mower Parts Supplier

We Provide Great Value of Replacement and Maintenance Parts Selections for All Ages and Makes of Machines – At Any Budget!

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