How to operate the tiller?

1.The operator of the micro-tiller should read the operation manual carefully before using it, conduct debugging, maintenance and running in strictly according to the requirements of the manual, and participate in the operation skills training of the agricultural machinery school, and operate the micro tiller before getting the operation certificate.

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2.The installation method of the tool, before installation, check whether the left and right blade is opposite, whether the blade direction is in the same direction, and then install the left and right blade. When loading the knife, pay attention to the installation hole of the knife and the hole on the output shaft of the micro tiller, after installation, the blade should be opposite, and the blade of the knife forward. The depth of rotary tillage is adjusted according to the height of the resistance bar. Carefully check whether the connecting fasteners of the machine are fastened, and you must tighten the bolts.

3.Before starting the micro-tiller, check whether the fuel is filled according to the requirements in the manual. When starting the micro-tiller, the shift lever should be placed in the “neutral” position, and confirm that the front and back personnel are in a safe position before starting. Open the fuel switch, increase the throttle appropriately, stop the hand to lock (open clutch in the open position), pull the handle, pull the cable to the maximum resistance, put back to the cable, and then press down the pressure relief valve, and then quickly pull the cable, if not burned, continue to repeat the above action, until combustion. The engine should be idle for about three minutes at low speed with no load, and the micro-tiller starts to work only after normal operation.

4.Operation method of conventional clutch micro-tillerHang slow gear: the left hand grasps the handrail and the clutch handle, make the clutch separate, the right hand will pull the shift lever back, to enter the gear, the left hand slowly relax the clutch handle, make the clutch joint, at the same time, the right thumb pushes the throttle handle, the right amount to increase the throttle, the micro tiller is according to the slow gear work.
Hang fast gear: the left hand to grasp the handrail and the clutch handle, make the clutch separate, the right hand will shift lever forward, to enter the gear, the left hand to slowly relax the clutch handle, make the clutch joint, while the right thumb gently.
Hang reverse gear: left hand to clutch hand, the clutch separation, the right hand will variable speed lever push to neutral position, then with the right hand to grasp armrest right reverse gear hand (grasp the reverse hand before, the reverse lock open), the right hand cannot relax, left hand slowly loosen the clutch hand, at the same time with the right hand thumb gently throttle handle, moderate increase the throttle, micro tiller namely press the reverse gear work. When there is no need to work, first put the throttle to the engine low speed running position, then grasp the clutch handle with the left hand, and then release the reverse gear handle with the right hand, put the reverse gear lock to the lock position, determine the reverse gear separation is correct, and then slowly release the clutch handle.
Walking time shift: you should reduce the engine throttle first, and then separate the clutch, and then shift when the machine will stop moving.
Steering: hold the handrail with both hands, pull left or right to turn (note: do not grasp the wrong reverse gear handle when steering, so as not to break the gear).

5.During field transfer, it should determine whether to remove farm tools and replace tires according to the road and field conditions. In the slope area, we should pay attention to the balance of the machine, and can work along the direction of the slope, the slope should be less than 25 degrees, to prevent the micro-tiller from dumping people.

6.During the operation, in order to ensure safety, two people are at the operation site as far as possible to help observe the plot and abnormal operation situation, and help in emergency.

7.Replace farm tools and remove entangled grass must be in the state of machine flame out. During the operation, if the engine, walking box, gearbox have abnormal noise, stop and check before troubleshooting the fault.

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