How to choose a suitable garden tiller?

Garden Tiller

1. Look at the function of the tiller.

The tiller is mainly designed with field farming in mind, but it comes with other functions, such as transportation, ditching, film laying, harvesting, pumping, power generation, etc. Users can choose according to their needs.
2. Look at the supporting power of the tiller.

The matching diesel engine has a lower speed than the matching gasoline engine, but its reliability is higher. The air-cooled diesel engine is lighter than the water-cooled diesel engine, but the lubrication and cooling performance are poor, and the reliability is low.
3. Look at the chassis transmission of the tiller.

At present, there are two transmission modes for the tiller chassis on the market, one is full-shaft and full-gear transmission, and the other is belt transmission. The former is more suitable for farming in areas with high soil-specific resistance and compacted fields.
4. Look at the length of use.

The micro tillage machine purchased is not for external service, but only for cultivating your own fields, and the use time is short in a year. You can choose a micro tillage machine that is more economical and easier to transfer. When purchasing micro tillage machines for external services, you should pay attention to the high reliability of micro tillage machines when choosing.
5. Look at the geographical conditions.

It is recommended that users in mountainous and hilly areas choose a micro tillage machine powered by an air-cooled diesel engine, because of its small size, low weight, and easy transfer; for supporting transportation, it is recommended to choose a micro tiller with a differential.

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