How does the lawn mower work?

The lawn machine is composed of knife plate, engine, walking wheel, walking mechanism, blade, armrest and more than 350 components.

 lawn mower       lawn mower

An engine pumps as fast as a car to spin a blade over 50 times a second.

lawn machine    lawn machine

The blade’s twisted ends act like helicopter propellers,creating air currents that suck the grass up and into a container at the back.

lawn mower engine lawn mower engine

The breakneck speed of the blade whips a belt around the machine at the speed of a chain saw,powering the wheels,making this 100-pound machine effortless to maneuver.It can manicure a lawn in minutes.

lawn mower     lawn mower

lawn mower      lawn mower

It’s called the governor,and it’s the lawn mower’s cruise control. It uses flyweights to detect the speed of the blade.

lawn mower's governor  lawn mower’s governor

If the crankshaft slows down,the flyweights decelerate,fall inwards,and trigger a lever to open the throttle an pump in more fuel.

lawn mower    lawn mower

This boosts the engine’s power and spins the blade back up to the perfect cutting speed of 3000 times a minute.









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