Garden Shears Manufacturer in China

LITAGARDEN has sophisticated production lines and high-quality controlling equipment. With expert engineers, highly trained teams of technicians, and talented workers.  We endeavor to offer the best garden shears at the most affordable costs to our consumers.

  • Extremely lightweight and easy to use
  • OEM and ODM are acceptable
  • Strong elasticity labor-saving
  • Quiet operation

LITAGARDEN Garden Shears

Garden shears are a perfect and essential tool used for any gardening project. This is used to trim and cut grasses, small branches, and stems, or sometimes used to decorate and shape garden shrubs. Moreover, garden shears are well-suited to use in industrial, commercial, and residential gardens. 

LITAGARDEN centrally manufactures a series of garden shears with authentic structural design and composition. It is made from industrial-grade materials that are capable of withstanding long-term uses. Aside from that, LITAGARDEN can provide a complete model of all tools used for garden beautification.

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LITAGARDEN Garden Shears Models

ETJD1 Electric Pruning Shears with Brushless Motor
  • Lithium Battery: 21V-1.5A
  • Rated voltage: 250V
  • Operating time: 2.5-3.5h
  • Charging time: 1-1.5h
  • Rated power: 800w
  • Machine weight: 0.95kg
  • Battery weight : 0.35kg
  • Cutting diameter: ≤3cm

LITAGARDEN Garden Shears Advantages

Versatile Use
Versatile Use

Garden shears are ideal for indoor/outdoor plants, greenhouses, and gardening. From stems and herbs to thin branches and flower heads, they can prune everything with ease.

Designed For Comfort
Designed For Comfort

The garden shears are pleasant for both men and women due to their ergonomically built handles. Super-sharp blades, you can prune for extended periods of time while being completely comfortable.

Long-Lasting Sharpness
Long-Lasting Sharpness

Garden shears are flexible, and rust-resistant polished carbon blades require no maintenance. To keep the blades sharp and corrosion-free, simply wipe them with a well-oiled cloth after each use.

Ensures Safety
Ensures Safety

LITAGARDEN garden shears are fitted with a thumb-operated safety lock to guard against accidental injury, and when the blades aren’t in use, they are also protected from damage.

General Uses of Garden Shears

Garden shears are embellishing tools used to upgrade the overall attractiveness of the gardens. However, garden shears are more than useful if it is utilized properly. There are several ways of using garden shears, these are:

  • Used for creating bonsai plants in garden areas.
  • Used to cut stems, branches, and plants. Trimming of hedges and shrubs.
  • Easily cuts all trimming into smaller sizes for permaculture and disposal purposes.
  • Extensively effective for farming as well. 
  • Fancily flower arrangement.
  • Precisely pens any woody plants that maintain good-looking landscaping in gardens.
General Uses of Garden Shears
Garden Shears Design Options

Garden Shears Design Options

Garden shears have numerous designs and models. Each of them is constructed for a certain task. The following are among the most common garden shears used by some gardeners and landscapers: 

Basic Pruning Shears. These shears are used to cut through small stems, branches, and twigs. It features two blades that are cut simultaneously and are good for fin grooming.

Thinning Shears. A very small shears design for small delicate plants and trees. It has short-length blades that look like scissors. 

Bypass Pruner. It is best for live growth wood. This type of garden shear can be used comfortably whether a right-hander or a left-hander.  

LITAGARDEN can also offer different design options for garden shears. If you want to find out the remaining designs, styles, and models for garden shears, please pass on your request to us now!

Selecting the Right Garden Shears

Selecting the right garden shears can last for decades and consistently delivers sharp, uniform, and clean cuts. It also makes all garden tasks look easier, more efficient, and effortless.  These are the necessary factors that need to consider in choosing a garden shear:

  • Blade type and quality
  • Cutting capacity
  • Handles
  • Ergonomic design
  • Safety locking mechanism
  • Durability and maintenance

LITAGARDEN can help you to seek the right garden shears according to your desired needs and applications. 

Selecting the Right Garden Shears

Why Choose LITAGARDEN Garden Shears

Why Choose LITAGARDEN Garden Shears
Why Choose LITAGARDEN Garden Shears

LITAGARDEN has developed a range of garden shears and other related gardening hand tools that are highly exclusive in all markets. As a top-tier manufacturer, we design and construct different varieties of garden shears according to the CE, CSA, EMC, ISO9001, and other international certifications.

The garden shears are designed for those who are right-handers, left-handers, with small and big hands, and even for individuals who can use both left and right hands in any garden chores. LITAGARDEN can provide high premium quality garden shears that surpass the certain needs and demands of all gardeners or landscapers.

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LITAGARDEN manufactured garden shears that offer matchless features and qualities, such as:

  • Customizable in different designs and styles
  • Last for decades and less maintenance
  • Fit in hand, comfortable, and easy to use
  • Provides a precise cutting results
  • A great multi-purpose garden tools
  • Extra-shine and sharp blades
  • Available in different sizes and shapes

Using the garden shears from LITAGARDEN provides extensive benefits for all garden works and beautification, like listed the following:

  • Speeds up daily garden chores
  • Seek for safety
  • Flexible, rust-resistant, and long-lasting sharpness
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and non-slip handles
  • Suitable for all plants, in or out of the garden
  • Offers affordability
  • Energy and time-consuming

Custom Garden Shears for Your Business

Electric Pruner Shears Garden

Electric pruners shears garden is easy and safe to trim with high efficiency. LITAGARDEN  is a professional sales and technical team that offers OEM and ODM services, with different colors, sizes, and styles to choose from. It is not easy to rust, and rechargeable after long working hours.

Rechargeable Electric Gardening Pruning Shears

Rechargeable electric fruit gardening pruning shears have a safety lock design, use a brushless all-copper motor, have a sleeplessly variable operation, and are equipped with two batteries, which work alternately when working hours. Choose LITAGARDEN now to make your garden shears business level up. Just send your inquiry now.

Pruning Scissor Cordless Garden Shears

Pruning scissor cordless garden shears have a wide range of uses, they can cut grapes, cherry branches, apple branches, and trees in the parks, farms, large pastures, orchards, and greenhouses. LITAGARDEN has the best option for your requirements demands, including garden shears.

High-Quality Power Portable Garden Shears

High-quality power portable garden shears are perfect for pruning leaf buds, twigs, roots, and so on, especially good for shearing into deep places and hard-to-reach areas. LITAGARDEN  own professional team to recommend garden shears and services for your project and businesses.

Wireless Electric Pruning Garden Shears

Wireless electric pruning garden shears are very suitable for intensive pruning of courtyard farms, and can well prune trees, bushes, and other plants. It is widely used in gardens, parks, farms, ranches, greenhouses, and orchards. Contact LITAGARDEN if you want to purchase a reliable type of garden shears for your business. 

Your Expert Garden Shears Supplier in China
Your Expert Garden Shears Supplier in China

LITAGARDEN is a well-known maker of various garden shears. We provide high-quality and cost-effective garden shears to our dependable customers all around the world. Clients and customer satisfaction is our duty. It will be our great honor to serve you. We hope to be able to assist you further and establish a long-term business partnership.

  • “Garden shears from LITAGARDEN consequently provide ease of cutting. The blades are holding up very well. Thank you so much, LITAGARDEN, for these long-lasting and high-efficiency garden shears; I appreciate your expert and dependable services.”

  • “LITAGARDEN offers a great product, great service, great company, highly recommend garden shears and the services. The level of excellence is outstanding. LITAGARDEN sales team’s friendliness is really admired.”

  • “The LITAGARDEN garden shears are of nice value and feel fine; I’m very delighted with LITAGARDEN’s pleasant services; all the garden shears that we received are in amazing order, and they are fairly portable.”

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