Chainsaw Chain Manufacturer in China

LITAGARDEN specializes in manufacturing garden equipment and accessories like chainsaw chains for over ten years. Our chainsaw chains are fabricated to fit different woodcutting types and for different makes of chainsaw.

  • Multiple sizes
  • Easy to install
  • Designed to fit all chainsaw models
  • Can be customized to your specifications

LITAGARDEN Chainsaw Chain

LITAGARDEN chainsaw chain also known as cutting chain is the main chainsaw component. It is designed with steel links and has a bicycle-style roller chain and leaf chain resemblance. Their differences are the exterior sharp cutting teeth and interior flat drive links.

If you need chainsaw chains for your business, you can trust LITAGARDEN. All of our chainsaw chains can fit different kinds of woodcutting. They are designed to incorporate patented, exclusive lubricating features. We engineered chainsaw chains to operate together to increase bar oil use.

As a leading manufacturer in China, we ensure superior lubrication of every chain. This could extend its life and minimize the risk of stretching. Also, before we leave the factory, our team performs pre-stretched to get rid of the excessive stretching during when break-in period.


Semi-Chisel Saw Chain

The semi-chisel saw chains have round grip edge rounded-cornered teeth that make them easy to file. It remains sharper even in a rough sewing condition.

3/8 Saw Chain

These saw chains can guarantee a sharp blade and make from high-quality raw materials like hard alloy. It also has unique pitted oil storage spot features.

Diamond Saw Chain

These chains are manufactured from top-quality metal materials such as steel. The diamond saw chains can guarantee longer chain life and a sharp blade.

Harvester Saw Chain

The harvester saw chain is manufactured with outstanding features. It includes intelligent mechanical fastening rivets for longer service life and more tensile.

Tungsten Carbide Chain

The tungsten carbide chain has mixed nails to maximize efficiency. These chains involve a cutter head, limit tooth, rivet, transmission sheet, oil reservoir, and connecting piece.

Spare Parts Saw Chain

The spare parts saw chain is wear-resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, has high hardness, toughness, and good strength. Manufactured from top-quality materials.

Why LITAGARDEN Chainsaw Chain


LITAGARDEN chainsaw chains can fit different chainsaw models and brands.

Longer Life
Longer Life

The chains are oil lubricated and reduce rust to extend the life of the chainsaws.


To keep every chain oiled for longer life and to achieve less friction.

Low Vibration
Low Vibration

To eliminate user fatigue and maximized periods of work.


LITAGARDEN chainsaw chains are widely used for cutting woods. They are suitable for timber or pulp harvesting, processing firewood, and tree surgery. Our chainsaw chain can guarantee flawless cut. It is specially designed for high-speed, high-power sawing applications while providing an excellent degree of reliability and safety use.

LITAGARDEN offers different chainsaw chains to meet your specifications. We manufacture chainsaw chain replacement that works for the bar it is designed for. LITAGARDEN also provides a low-kickback chain for beginners. It is helpful to limit the risk of losing control.

Chainsaw Chain Designs

Chainsaw Chain Designs

Being a leading chainsaw chain manufacturer, LITAGARDEN innovates different designs to satisfy your needs. Some of our chainsaw chain designs are:

  • Scratcher Chain: A simple saw teeth that follow a wave pattern.
  • Chipper Chain: It has alternate teeth pointing right and left. Also, it has a depth gauge got excellent clearance around the tooth.

You can customize a chainsaw chain at LITAGARDEN! Just specify your requirement and let our team assist with your product designs.

Modern Designs

The chainsaw chains are used for tree surgery, forestry, or firewood cutting. Depending on your application, LITAGARDEN provides modern designs of chainsaw chains. These configurations include:

  • Full Chisel Saw Chains: Designed with square-cornered teeth. It can guarantee ease of splitting wood fibers for efficient, fast cutting in clean softwood. These chains have high kick-back and are sensitive against dirty. Available for professional saws and semi-pro saws.
  • Semi-Chisel Saw Chains: It has rounded corner teeth that form a radius between the side and top pates. These chains can retain longer cutting sharpness that makes them ideal for dry or hardwood, dirtier wood, stumpwork, or frozen wood. Available for professional, semi-pro, and consumer saws.
Modern Designs

Choose LITAGARDEN to Custom Your Chainsaw Chain

Choose LITAGARDEN to Custom Your Chainsaw Chain

LITAGARDEN chainsaw chain is manufactured with the same innovative and quality engineering technology. It made our chainsaw popular worldwide. Being a leader in the industry, we carefully manufacture the chains in every detail. It includes smoothing the rough edges from stamping techniques to eliminating improper and premature wear. At LITAGARDEN, our chainsaw chains are made to last.

Customize your chainsaw chain requirements at LITAGARDEN! Whether it is for chain mortisers, mechanical timber harvesters, or hand-held chainsaws, we got it for your business! These chains are manufactured according to the dramatic development since their invention.

If you’re interested in our chainsaw chains and services, please don’t hesitate to contact our team!

LITAGARDEN Chainsaw Chain


LITAGARDEN is your ideal chainsaw chain manufacturer in China. We have a professional and expert engineering team that considers every detail of the chain when manufacturing, such as:

  • Gauge: We ensure all the gauges will match the chain to achieve a flawless cut.
  • Pitch: We ensure all the pitches of the chain will fit the nose sprocket and drive sprocket.
  • Length: We made sure that we create the appropriate length of chain to run safely.
Chain Arrangement

LITAGARDEN aims to provide a reliable chainsaw chain that meets different chain arrangements:

  • Full Complement Chain: The chain has a right cutter, drive link, left cutter, and drive link arrangement for most application purposes.
  • Skip Chain: Left cutter – drive link – drive link – right cutter arrangement.
  • Semi-Skip Chain: Having alternate drive link between cutter pairs.

Custom Chainsaw Chains

3/8_ pitch Saw Chain

These are manufactured from top-quality imported steel. Ideal for use in the construction, stone, or concrete materials.

Saw Chain Folding Handle

The saw chain folding handle involves a high-quality tie strap, cutter, rivet, and chain link. We manufacture saw chain folding handle according to your specifications.

Drive Links Wood Cutting Saw Chain

The drive links wood cutting saw chain can guarantee a professional lubrication system. They are made from high-quality raw materials and can guarantee super lightweight.

Stainless Steel Saw Chain

The stainless-steel saw chain features a right-angle cutter, intelligent mechanical fastening rivets, and a unique pitted oil storage spot for quicker heat dissipation during running the chain.

Chainsaw Chain Manufacturer
LITAGARDEN – Leading Chainsaw Chain Manufacturer in China

We Deliver High-Quality Chainsaw Chains Ready To Work While Providing Safe Operation

  • I need to cut a large-scale root system below ground level. LITAGARDEN provides us with fantastic products and their chain is working properly. We have been running a LITAGARDEN carbide saw chain for many years with excellent results. Thank you for the friendly customer support.

  • I would like to know LITAGARDEN company and how grateful I am for the chainsaw chain we customize from them. I was amazed by the product because it matched all my requirements which really helps in my business. Now, we have repeat customers who are also glad to receive quality saw chains. Thank you, LITAGARDEN for providing us with quality products.

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