Why Lawn Mower Won’t Start?

Lawnmowers are used for cutting grass and other vegetation on lawns. However, sometimes, most of the lawnmower is not starting due to issues with the gas or carburetor.


1.The old gas is often a cause of starter problems with lawnmowers.  If your lawn machine hasn’t been used for a long time, the contains gas that is either old or contaminated with excess moisture and dirt . Suggest use an oil siphon pump to drain it from the tank.

lawnmower work

2.When the air filter becomes clogged or too dirty, it also can prevent the engine from starting. Suggest to replace paper filters—or clean or replace foam filters.

air filter

3.The spark plug  is responsible for creating electric spark that ignites the gas mixture in the engine. If the spark plug is loosened, disconnected, or coated in water or carbon residue, it may be the cause of your machine’s malfunction. Suggest to reinstall the spark plug. If the problem still be, consider changing the spark plug.

Spark plug

4. If the carburetor not allowing enough fuel into your engine, it may prevent your lawnmower from starting too. This kind of problem often is caused by the fuel filter being plugged in. Suggest checking the fuel filter or changing it.

Grass clippings

5. There also have some other common issues could be problems with the starter rope, a lack of oil, or possibly faulty wiring and connections.


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