How to Start a Gasoline Lawn Mower

How to Start a Gasoline Lawn Mower


A gasoline lawn mower is a common large garden tool for cutting large areas of grass quickly. The article will describe how to start a gasoline lawn mower, if you need to know.

There are four main steps in the use of gasoline lawn mowers:

  • Need to fill the mower with fuel.
  • Pull the lever handle to start the mower, and operate the area to be mowed.
  • Adjust the throttle to change the speed, the handle also has a device to adjust the throttle.
  • Shut down the mower, can be completed.


Firstly : Refill With Gasoline

When using a gasoline lawn mower to mow the lawn, unscrew the black cap to see the filler neck and fill with #92 gasoline.


Secondly : Pull The Lever

To start the mower, grab the clutch lever, then pull the lever handle and pull 5-6 times to get the mower started.

Thirdly : Throttle Adjustment

Throttle control on gasoline lawn mowers is also used to control the rotational speed of the mower head, the larger the throttle, the higher the rotational speed, such as the red push rod in the figure, push down, is to increase the throttle.


Fourthly : Shut Down The Mower

When the gasoline lawn mower does not need to be used, turn off the engine to stop the engine, release the clutch lever, and the lawn mower will turn off the engine.


Since gasoline lawn mower models are different, there may be differences in operation, and you need to pay attention to safety.

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