Grass Trimmer Manufacturer in China

LITAGARDEN specializes in grass trimmer manufacturing for 10+ years. We supply a wide range of grass trimmers such as electric grass trimmers,  cordless trimmers, string trimmers, lawn trimmers, etc.

  • Heavy-duty design
  • Superb performance
  • Deliver the highest power
  • Suitable for professional usage

LITAGARDEN Grass Trimmer

Grass trimmers are multipurpose garden tools that may be used to control weeds and long grass. Every type of garden, whether tiny, medium, large, or overgrown, has the perfect trimmer. LITAGARDEN grass trimmer line includes a variety of trimmers to meet a variety of demands.

The grass trimmers come with a variety of handle options, including different length shafts, straight shafts, bike handles, and loop handles. There are a lot of landscaping options there. With features like powerful, sturdy construction fuel-efficient engines, and adjustable cutting heads, it’s no surprise we covered all the bases.

Whatever you require from your grass trimmer, there is something here to suit all needs and budgets. Feel free to message us today!

Grass Trimmer Models

  • Displacement:26cc
  • Mating Power:1E34F-5B
  • Power:0.7/6500kw/r/min
  • Mixed Fuel Ratio  40:1
  • Carburetorytype:Diaphargm
  • Work rod diameter :26mm
  • Hedge trimmer blade:40cm
  • Dimension:113*32*31.5cm
  • Weight:14.4kg
  • Bar size:12inch
  • Voltage/Frequency : 220V-240V/50HZ
  • Power: 1200W/1000W
  • Grass Cutting Speed: 7000rpm
  • Grass Cutting Dia.: 380mm
  • Brush Cutting Speed: 7500rpm
  • Brush Cutting Dia.: 255mm



  • Voltage:220V-240V~
  • Frequency:50Hz
  • Power:1400w
  • Grass Cutting Speed:7000rpm
  • Grass Cutting Dia.:420mm
  • Brush Cutting Speed:7500rpm
  • Brush Cutting Dia. 255mm
  • Net Weight:5.2kgs/5.7kgs
  • Approval: N/A
  • DC voltage: DC18V
  • Battery :1.5/2A.h,Lithium
  • Charge time:3-5/1-1.5hours
  • no load speed: 8000rpm
  • Cutting Path:230mm
  • Running time: 30-45mins
  • Spool Line 6.5m Φ1.6mm
  • Telescopic tube:Aliminium(adjustable length from 850-1140mm)
  • Meas: 90.5*22*47cm/4pcs
  • N.W./G.W.: 12/13kgs
  • Loading Qty(20’GP/40’GP/40’HC): 1140/2360/2820pcs


  • DC voltage: DC18V
  • Battery :1.5/2A.h,Lithium
  • Charge time:3-5/1-1.5hours
  • no load speed: 8000rpm
  • Cutting Path:230mm
  • Running time: 30-45mins
  • Spool Line 6.5m Φ1.6mm
  • Telescopic tube:Aliminium
  • Meas: 88.5*29.5*48.5cm/4pcs
  • N.W./G.W.: 11.5/12.5kgs
  • Loading Qty(20’GP/40’GP/40’HC): 848/1780/2100pcs


  • DC voltage: DC20V
  • Battery :1.5/2A.h,Lithium
  • Charge time:3-5/1-1.5hours
  • no load speed: 8000rpm
  • Cutting Path:230mm
  • Running time: 30-45mins
  • Spool Line 6.5m Φ1.6mm
  • Telescopic tube:Aliminium(adjustable length from 900-1120mm)
    Adjustable cutting head with 4 positions in step of 22.5°
  • Meas: 87.5*23.5*51cm/4pcs
  • N.W./G.W.: 15.5/16.5kgs
  • Loading Qty(20’GP/40’GP/40’HC): 1028/2172/2552pcs

LITAGARDEN Grass Trimmer Advantages

Powerful Engine
Powerful Engine

The grass trimmer has a powerful fuel-efficient engine that provides maximum output power during operation. They can perform continuous cutting achieved by high cooling capacity.

Robust & Durable
Robust & Durable

They have superior cutting power and are typically more durable. Provides a good power to weight ratio for larger trimming workloads. Ideal for tough terrains.

Ease of Work
Ease of Work

If you value convenience, a grass trimmer is a good choice. LITAGARDEN series of cordless trimmer gives you control as it contains a variable speed trigger, 2-speed switch, and cutting width.


LITAGARDEN grass trimmers are very affordable without compromising quality. Its powerful, lightweight, and easy to use. They can be used in residential or professional lawning use.

Multifunctional Grass Trimmer

This 4-in-1 multifunction tool helps handy work in garden clean-up. Its sturdy construction has a long lifespan. The compact, humanized design provides maximum user experience. Lightweight feature increases the comfort of cutting.

Auto-oiler provides adequate Lubrication to ensure the best cutting performance without the hassle. The oil level indicator window allows you to gauge oil usage. Slow start function is optional. Provides reduction of misoperation risk.

Multifunctional Grass Trimmer
Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

LITAGARDEN grass trimmers are available in a range of unique characteristics which make them recognized in the market.

  • Powerful engine to slice through thicker grass
  • Capable of operating in areas where lawnmowers fail
  • Precise and simple trimming & cutting in all positions
  • Interchangeable cutting heads
  • Anti-vibration technology for enhanced comfort
  • Ideal complement to meticulous garden maintenance
  • Models with batteries or electric motors
  • Available in a range of cutting swaths

Manual, versatile, and customizable to your specific demands.

Wide Application

Our grass trimmers are deployed widely for cutting wild grass and vegetation growth. Ideal tools for light-commercial and domestic mowing & clearing operations. Applicable in various:

  • Industries
  • Institutions
  • Defense
  • Railways
  • Airports
  • Municipalities
Wide Application

LITAGARDEN - Your Best Grass Trimmer Partner

Grass Trimmer Factory
Grass Trimmer manufacturer

LITAGARDEN was founded in 2004. Over 15+ years in the field, the company provides professional garden tools, including grass trimmers. These tools come in different models, sizes, features, and specifications. Thus, they can be customized according to their requirements.

At present, our grass trimmer products are distributed to our partners in many countries. Including France, the UK, Belgium, America, Holland, Korea, Germany, Japan, and more. With its great features, they are recognized in various markets. All our products obtained safety certifications of EMC, CE, CSA, and more.

Need a custom solution for your upcoming project? Message us now.

requirements ISO9001

As ISO9001 certified manufacturer, we are providing grass trimmers with consistent quality standards. We possess testing equipment that enables us to produce better production capabilities.

All of our cordless trimmers obtained approval of safety standards.

  • GS/CE
  • EMC
  • CSA
  • CUS
  • CCC, and so on.
manufacture earth auger

LITAGARDEN owns state-of-the-art processing technology to manufacture grass trimmers. Advanced technologies increase production efficiency. Our manufacturing equipment includes:

  • Digital Control Lathes
  • Die Casting Machines
  • Injection MoldingMachines
  • 100 Sets of Other Special Machines

We also have advanced technology to develop two-stroke and four-stroke gas engines.

Custom Grass Trimmer to Rocket Your Brand

Cordless Grass Trimmer

The cordless grass trimmer front handle is large and easy to grasp. They are versatile enough to handle everything from trimming to edging. It offers unparalleled adaptability, durability, ergonomic design, ease of use, and better performance.

Automatic Grass Trimmer

The automatic grass trimmer provides the highest level of comfort, good results even in difficult-to-access locations, durable and powerful. Front handle is large and easy to grasp. Individual height can be easily adjusted.

Gasoline Grass Trimmer

This grass trimmer is powered by gasoline. It is a larger, more powerful machine that can be used to clear overgrown brambles, grass, weeds, and small hedges. Nylon rope can use a cutting device. Can be changed on the situation.

4-Stroke Grass Trimmer

LITAGARDEN grass trimmer features a 4-cycle, 29cc engine with an 18″ (46 cm) cutting path. These engines are both powerful and durable. Lightest and quietest in the market. It operates even in the most extreme conditions.

2-Stroke Grass Trimmer

The 2-stroke grass trimmer is one of the lightest lawn trimmers. This powerful and robust grass trimmer is ideal for lawn edging and residential trimming. Great for trimming between bushes and shrubs in tight spaces. Features multi-function handle.

Grass Trimmer Supplier
One-Stop Grass Trimmer Manufacturer in China

Founded in 2004. ISO 9001 Certificated Factory. Professional Technology and Testing Instruments. CE, EMC, and CSA-Approved Grass Trimmer. Wide Range of Garden Tool Products. Good Service.

  • “Following the instructions, putting together the trimmer is a breeze. It is low in weight, which saves a lot of energy, especially if you hold it for an extended period. The battery is plenty to mow my modest grass and yard.”

  • “This was a fantastic deal! We had been searching for a trimmer for a few weeks for our business, and when we came to found this one, it was an easy decision! I’m delighted I ended up purchasing it because it works better than I thought!”

  • “When I came across the material, I was searching for a lightweight grass trimmer. I’m delighted I took the initiative. I was pleasantly surprised by how well this trimmer worked. I don’t have to worry about recharging or refueling the machine, which is a huge bonus in my book. My purchase exceeded my expectations. This is something I would enthusiastically suggest to anyone.”

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