How does the lawn mower work?

lawn mower

The lawn machine is composed of knife plate, engine, walking wheel, walking mechanism, blade, armrest and more than 350 components.       An engine pumps as fast as a car to spin a blade over 50 times a second.     The blade’s twisted ends act like helicopter propellers,creating air currents that suck the grass […]

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How to operate the tiller?


1.The operator of the micro-tiller should read the operation manual carefully before using it, conduct debugging, maintenance and running in strictly according to the requirements of the manual, and participate in the operation skills training of the agricultural machinery school, and operate the micro tiller before getting the operation certificate. 2.The installation method of the

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Why Lawn Mower Won’t Start?

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Lawnmowers are used for cutting grass and other vegetation on lawns. However, sometimes, most of the lawnmower is not starting due to issues with the gas or carburetor. 1.The old gas is often a cause of starter problems with lawnmowers.  If your lawn machine hasn’t been used for a long time, the contains gas that

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